Now you understand the formula for winning, it is time to focus on your bid mindset.

Lesson 3 of 10 Lessons Learnt ManualMost tender teams approach a tender as if it is a test: they believe that if they just provide a clear, concise and technically-correct answer for each question they’ll succeed. Some of the more experienced tenderers even follow the KISS Principle: Keep It Short and Sweet.

The problem with this approach is that everyone can pass a test but only one can win a tender. This means that a tender is not a test – it’s a competition!

To win the competition, you have to go much further than clear, concise, comprehensive and technically-correct answers. You need to take the content to the next level where it is compelling, persuasive and competitive. You need to score better than the competition on as many elements as possible and become the client’s preference across a whole range of criteria.

Once a bid team grasps this reality, they embrace the bid mindset. From that point forward, the team digs deeper, works harder and pushes themselves further in order to win. They start to talk about ‘going beyond business as usual’ and ‘taking it to the next level’.

“When you’re putting a tender together, you need a strong team of diverse thinking people and a willingness to take the blinkers off. You need to be certain that you’re addressing everything that the customer needs, but at the same time thinking about what else you can offer them that is above and beyond – what is it that your competitors may not be offering…” – Danny Broad, Chairman of Australasian Rail Association

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