Lesson 4 of 10 Lessons LearntLESSON #4: DO AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, AS EARLY AS YOU CAN

Now you understand the formula for winning, it is time to focus on your bid mindset.

Your ability to convert an opportunity into an engagement will be based on knowing everything possible about your client, the opportunity, and the competition.

However, once documentation is released, your ability to engage with the client will be limited by probity processes, so get to work early gathering information from the client to influence the client’s opinion of your business.

To be successful in your next tender or bid, we recommend you that you get busy gathering information:

  • Networking – Make connections and build relationships with the client and stakeholder organisations.
  • Meetings – Meet with your contacts to gather intel and deepen your understanding of their needs and expectations.
  • Phone calls – Reach out to stay connected, confirm processes and timing and gather insights.
  • Annual reports – Review formal publications to understand your client’s mission, priorities, risks and challenges.
  • Industry publications – Review industry publications to understand the competitive landscape and sector issues.
  • Market research – Commission research into the end user expectations such as current experience and desired state.

The next step is to prepare what you can in advance:

  • Project sheets – Decide your likely reference projects and gather information on dates, values, scope, outcomes, awards, team etc.
  • Case studies – Decide which case studies will support your proposal and prepare detailed and relevant lessons learnt reflections.
  • CVs – Prepare detailed CVs for each team member, emphasising why their past experience relates to their future responsibilities.
  • Organisational charts – Decide your likely team structure and nominate candidates for all key roles – don’t underestimate the time this takes!
  • Testimonials – Gather testimonials and confirm referees – probity may prevent you from doing this later.
  • Branding – Consider creating a unique brand for the bid, designed to set the right first impression with the client.
  • Templates – Create a suite of templates that reflect your bid branding.
  • Team photos – Take professional photos of your proposed team members – this is much more important than you might realise.
  • Project photos – Gather photos of your reference projects and commission artist impressions of your proposed solution.
  • Statistics – Gather up-to-date relevant statistics and metrics to support your proposal.

Putting your best foot forward, early on the in the game, will help you gain the competitive edge.

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