LESSON #5: Establish your partnership as early as possible
Lesson 5 - Aurora Marketing

You have begun your early research on your client and the opportunity, the next step is to establish your partnerships.

Teaming with other businesses can help you satisfy competency gaps and increase your probability of winning.

Importantly, any partnerships should be in place before a bid kicks off, otherwise you’ll waste valuable bid time on partnership negotiation.

To be successful in your next tender or bid, we recommend you consider the process below when forming your partnerships:

Step 1 – Choose carefully
Step 2 – Decide your structure
Step 3 – Tighten your alignment
Step 4 – Document the deal
Step 5 – Get to work

An indepth explanation of these steps can be downloaded below.

Ensuring your partnerships are established early on in the game, will help you gain the competitive edge for your tender.


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