LESSON #6: Write compelling and persuasive content

To win over your client and your competition you need to go above and beyond your client’s request.

We have created a model using 8 crucial elements to ensure every deliverable that you develop has strong, convincing technical content that transforms into a compelling, persuasive submission that makes your client want YOUR solution.

This approach will ensure you demonstrate to your client that you understand what keeps them awake at night and how your solution will exceed their expectations by highlighting the project objectives, risks and challenges, including evidence and proof points to form a robust foundation for your response.

The final three elements to take your submission from a robust and detailed technical response to a compelling and persuasive proposal include your:

  • Unique Approach
  • Competitive Edge
  • Win Themes

Our writers weave through strategic messaging to create a cohesive strategic narrative that will put your client at the centre of your answer, emphasise your strengths, mitigate your weaknesses and ghost your competition to make YOUR solution the client’s preferred solution.

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