LESSON #7: Avoid tsunami season with smart load levelling

The best way to avoid last minute pandemonium is to not leave work until tomorrow that can be done today. There are 2 reasons for this:
1. To streamline your effort; and
2. To improve your likelihood of success.

Our best practice approach aims to reduce last minute pandemonium by load levelling with a 3-draft process and use of review teams.

Our 3-draft process ensures content is developed gradually over the course of the tender period, not left to the last minute. It also optimises involvement of all team members in the review process by splitting the load across review teams, creating a more manageable process and greater likelihood of receiving meaningful feedback.

Why 3 drafts?
• In our experience the first draft is never more than 40% complete, even when left to the last minute.
• Each subsequent draft only adds approximately 20%.
We all know that procrastination never results in quality deliverables!

By implementing our 3-draft approach your team will benefit from:
• Additional time to undertake a formal review process
• Focussed and accountable authors
• Tracking the progress of documents to identify areas requiring additional resources
• Enhanced collaboration and more time to refine your solution.

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