LESSON #9: Conduct early and thorough Content Analysis

From our experience, one of the most crucial steps in any submission is what we call Content Analysis.

This is where your bid team conduct a 3-way diagnostic:

  • Client analysis
  • Solution shaping
  • Submission planning

Content analysis sessions should involve a facilitator who questions the audience and creates an open space for discussion, leads SMEs and authors, and your Review Teams (see Lesson 8 for more details). The best time to begin your content analysis sessions is as early as you can; sometimes this can even be before a tender document drops.

When done well, Content Analysis allows your team to think more deeply and broadly about the client’s expectations and requirements and enables them to shape a winning solution and prepare a compelling submission.

In this Lesson we have included our typical Content Analysis agenda to get you and your team thinking about the types of questions that will help shape your winning solution. This structural framework we have developed, tested and fine-tuned over the years is based on our 8-layer methodology as discussed in Lesson 6: Write Compelling and Persuasive Content.

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