10 Lessons Learnt shares some of our major bid experience to give you the winning edge.

The key to winning tenders is to select the right tenders for your organisation to pursue.

It is better to invest your time in winning one tender than in bidding for several. At Aurora Marketing, we have developed a 5-part, 25-question Go/No Go analysis that can help you decide which bids you should target.

We see a lot of clients casting their nets wide and applying for all the available EOIs and RFPs. This can often lead to resources being spread too thin and not investing enough time and research into a particular bid. Our advice is to select a few key submissions that you know you have the right capabilities for. Our Go/No Go analysis helps you to identify your weaknesses so you can focus on strengthening your offer.

Ask yourself the critical questions before deciding to pursue a bid:

  • Do you have something genuinely different to offer and how will you showcase this unique service offering?
  • Do you have the resources, skills, corporate support and budget to execute not only the submission, but the project work if you are awarded the work?
  • Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

These are just some of the key questions that we will guide you through to help you determine which bids are worth pursuing.

Download Lesson 1

To download Lesson 1 of the 10 Lessons Learnt manual, click here.

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