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In November 2019, Aurora Marketing partnered with QMCA to conduct a behind-the-scenes investigation of the tender evaluation process. This research enabled us to understand how the evaluation panel scores tenders, what they are really looking for, and common shortfalls.

As a result, we created our Behind Closed Doors report. In the report, we share the candid feedback we’ve gathered through an extensive program of interviews and research with Commonwealth and State program and project directors, evaluators, procurement managers and supply chain managers across the infrastructure, transport and defence sectors. Find out what suppliers do well, where they let themselves down, what they need to do better and how they can improve their chances of success.

By joining forces with QMCA, we’ve been able to access a wide mix of respondents from Queensland’s infrastructure sector. We conducted our research using a combination of surveys, telephone interviews and face-to-face meetings with people who had served on evaluation panels for formal procurement processes for organisations including ARTC, Aurizon, Brisbane Airport Corporation, Brisbane City Council, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, Port of Brisbane Corporation, Queensland Urban Utilities, SEQ Water and Transurban.

The report highlights the key scoring criteria and explains how submissions typically fair against these ratings. Overall, the quality of bid submissions is generally considered to be of a high standard with 88% of evaluators considering bids to be somewhat high quality or better. No one considered that the overall quality of bids they received was low. However, bidders still have an opportunity to stand out from their competitors given that only 6% of evaluators considered bids to be of very high quality. Evaluators recognised that the higher the contract value, the better the quality of typical submissions, reflecting the increasingly competitive nature of high-value contracts.

Evaluators explained that the key elements of a strong proposal are:
76% I Demonstrating ability to deliver to project objectives
76% I Demonstrating understanding of and ability to manage projects risks and challenges
71% I Providing a comprehensive and clear response
71% I Providing evidence of likely project success

Almost one-third of respondents considered the relationship between the buyer and the bidder – meaning their ability to work well together – to be the most important factor in the decision-making process. This was closely followed by the perceived suitability of the bidder’s team to the project. Even so, the spread of responses across these considerations shows that all elements are important to the evaluators.

“The bidder must show they understand the risk allocation and objectives, they understand what the measure of success of the project is, understand the expectations of the buyer and show how they will commit and meet these expectations throughout the project delivery.”

Evaluators noted that there are some consistent failings in formal tender submissions:
82% I Written explanations aren’t clear or are lacking detail
47% I Evidence is missing
35% I Capability of the bidder isn’t apparent
35% I Suitability of the team isn’t apparent


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