Case Studies

Transforming a Company

Scenario We were recently engaged by a global company on a ‘do or die’ tender. We love those ones. This company had been through some tough years financially, although were on the upswing, but were facing increasingly aggressive competition. They had lost most of...

What to Expect: Your Best and Final Offer

Scenario You’ve probably heard the term BAFO – Best and Final Offer. In Defence, it’s known as RFCP (Request for Final Committed Proposal) and sometimes ODIA (Offer Definition and Improvement Activity). Whatever it’s called, it’s fair to say that it’s a high-stakes...

When It’s a ‘Must Win’

Scenario We are often engaged by businesses when they need to tackle a 'must win' tender. Sometimes it is a fabulous opportunity that they don't want to go to a competitor, sometimes it is a business-defining contract that can take them to another level, but sometimes...

Creating a High-Performance Team

Scenario When a client tells us that their tender is a ‘must win’ and they want to go above and beyond to get the competitive edge, it lights our fire. This case study reflects on precisely that scenario. Our client was leading a consortium that was bidding on one of...

Building a Winning Bid Team Remotely

Scenario When a new client approached us to manage their high-stakes multi-billion-dollar tender submission, we were extremely excited. But when we found out that half the bid team would be on the other side of the world…? We knew we would have our work cut out for...



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