Standing out from the competition

Standing out from the competition

Virtually every tender, proposal, submission or bid is contested between multiple proponents, and the juicier the opportunity, the fiercer the competition. To win, you’ll need a viable solution to the client’s problem, that’s priced in a way that is affordable and...
Early game, mid game and end game.

Early game, mid game and end game.

Early Game, mid game, and end game. A sales process can often last for weeks, months or even years, this all depends on the complexity of the sale, the value of the contract and the process being followed for procurement. Indeed, for organisations bidding on very...

The Value of Tangibles

In tendering, every client is concerned with certainty of delivery. They are asking themselves: “Is this the best product or solution for me?” “Will this company deliver what they promise?” “Is this the best team to work with me and...

The Killer Bid Playlist

Music can have a profound effect on our emotions and how we feel. Hearing just a few notes of a song can take us right back to a poignant moment in our life and evoke memories and feelings which we experienced during that time. From the joy of finding love to the...

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