Producing Corporate Documentation

We help clients prepare documents that put their best foot forward and get results. We consistently achieve the balance of being detailed, factual, accurate and comprehensive, while also being engaging, persuasive and compelling.

In an ironic compliment, our clients frequently tell us that the feedback they receive is “We loved your document – we could tell it wasn’t written by the marketing people.” And that’s the goal – we don’t do marketing ‘fluff’ or ‘spin’. These documents need to be technical, professional and meaningful. But they also need to guide the reader to make a decision or perform an action.

We have produced a broad range of corporate documentation including:

  • Vision Documents
  • Corporate and Investment Documents
  • Technical Documentation
Vision documents

We LOVE vision documents. They take your reader on a journey to the future. They uplift your readers to see the possibilities in the blue sky. And they make your reader fall in love with you and the potential of what you can achieve together.

These documents can be just a few pages or a meaty ‘coffee table’ book. And in fact, they might not be ‘books’ at all… vision documents that tell their story in digital form can be even more powerful.

Corporate and Investment documents

We also love preparing formal corporate and investment documents which need to convey full, true and complete information, while also setting a vision for the future and motivating the reader. We can assist with:

  • Annual reports
  • Strategic reports
  • Business plans
  • Investment summaries
  • Information memoranda
  • Prospectuses.
Technical documentation

When done well, technical documentation is thorough, comprehensive, accurate and easy to read. This is where Aurora Marketing excels. We have created countless technical documents, manuals and guides for a broad range of industries. We know how to gather the raw information, structure the documents to be most effective, fill gaps in the content and write it in the language of your audience.

We can help you with:

  • Operational plans and manuals
  • Management systems
  • Policy statements
  • User guides
  • Training manuals.

The list is endless. If you need technical documentation, we can get it done.


“As a firm of solicitors in a new market, it was very important for a significant first impression to be made. With that in mind we approached Aurora Marketing. I was particularly impressed with the professionalism of and capability of the team at Aurora. They produced the result we desired within days. Everyone who sees our letterhead and business cards responds positively, and we are now able to put the issue of our 'first impression' behind us and move on to matters which are equally significant - the provision of quality service.”

Cronin Litigation Derek Cronin - Principal

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