Leann Webb, Business CatalystMany companies are increasingly pursuing global tendering opportunities, and this presents a whole range of unique logistical, communication and cultural challenges.

For example, imagine a bid team made up of an Australia company with team members based in Hong Kong and London, partnering with a German company with team members based in Frankfurt and Berlin, and a Bid Director based in Barcelona. Now imagine bidding a new technology solution into a monumental Middle Eastern project, bidding against Spanish, Italian and French competitors all within a tight 12 week bid period. Welcome to the world of international tendering.

This type of international scenario presents several unique challenges on top of those normally encountered when bidding in your home territory.

Firstly, assembling the team in one place long enough to set the scene, align the objectives, create their competitive edge and agree the milestones for the tender is challenging. The cost and coordination headaches are next level, even when keeping these sessions to a few tight days.

Then, there’s the many and varied challenges of communication, such as deciding which language to use, how to store and share documents, how to protect information as it flies around the globe and how will we juggle time zones…

And then of course, there’s the challenge of design development, especially when multiple remote design teams need to collaborate.

In our experience, the cornerstone of success is having a strong bid leader and submission manager who relentlessly drive the global team to clear milestones. Our STAR Framework has all the bases covered for tracking every aspect of the bid and making sure that every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed.

We’ve also discovered a few fantastic resources to help drive efficiency without incurring tremendous costs. We set up simple templates for desktop formatting and infographics; canva for simple, fast and FREE graphic design; oDesk for fabulous and super-affordable editing; a reliable, safe and SECURE document sharing system called eDocs; and skype, skype and more skype. Going global doesn’t have to break the bank.

Leann Webb

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