Market-led proposals/Sole-sourced tenders

Our aim is to help you win business and give your tenders the edge. But what if there’s no tender to respond to? A core part of our business involves market-led proposals and opportunities to sole-source business. So, if you’re looking long-term, and you want to shape your customer and shape the solution, we know how to make the most impact.

Often, we are approached by companies when they’re launching new and innovative products. The hardest part of a new product launch can often be perfecting the pitch and approach to market. Aurora Marketing can work with your teams to identify the key messages that you need to make a strategic impact with your product or service. We will use these messages to develop a concise, compelling and clever approach, whether it’s a website creation or some glossy brochures. We’ve got the skills to boost your business, no matter what stage of business development you’re at.

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