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How To Write Winning Content

When we’re bidding in a competitive market, it’s not enough for us to have a smart solution and sharp commercial offer. In today’s podcast, we cover the overall steps involved in a bid process.

To Bid Or Not To Bid

In our latest podcast, Aurora Marketing’s Managing Director, Leann Webb nails down the (adapted) age old adage of when to bid and when not to bid.

Creating Your Competitive Edge

It’s your competitive edge that can make your bid stand out from the rest. Listen in to find out the strategies we use to create the competitive edge that has led to our successful track record.

What Makes a Good Bid Writer

In this episode Leann discusses how to elevate your tender by engaging the right bid writer to push boundaries, find the edge and outsmart the competition in your formal submission.

How To Score

Understanding the evaluation process and methodology to write content that will score you the win.



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