How We Get Results

Achieving results means working together and becoming a part of your team.

One thing we know for sure is that our clients need affordable options for how to engage with us. After all, not every tender can afford the Rolls Royce treatment. For this reason, we have a number of commercial options for getting our team on your side:

Expert consultants

Our expert consultants can work with you on hourly or daily rates, to capped scopes or fixed fee arrangements. We have a lot of experience knowing precisely what level of support you need to get the job done. In fact, 90% of our engagements come within 5% of our initial budget estimate.

Furthermore, we also offer long-term engagement discounts on a sliding scale for projects over 6 weeks in duration, and we offer preferred partner discounts for our regular clients who keep coming back for more.

We even offer success fee arrangements for early engagements that include strategic scope.

Dedicated secondees

As an alternative, where clients want a permanent solution that doesn’t break the bank, we can offer Aurora Marketing secondees. These amazing team members are recruited especially for you, trained by us, equipped with our best-practice systems and processes, embedded in your team and managed by us on an ongoing basis.

This is a best-of-both-worlds scenario: you gain dedicated team members with external credibility and authority, and the overarching support and guidance of Aurora Marketing. If you are looking at forming or expanding a tender team for your organisation, ask us about this option first.

Our extraordinary team can work with you in four key areas:

  1. Supporting and driving effective sales activity
  2. Winning work through tendering
  3. Producing powerful corporate documentation.
  4. Providing Communications Support

“As a firm of solicitors in a new market, it was very important for a significant first impression to be made. With that in mind we approached Aurora Marketing. I was particularly impressed with the professionalism of and capability of the team at Aurora. They produced the result we desired within days. Everyone who sees our letterhead and business cards responds positively, and we are now able to put the issue of our 'first impression' behind us and move on to matters which are equally significant - the provision of quality service.”

Cronin Litigation Derek Cronin - Principal

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