Winning Competitive Tenders

We’ve been winning tenders for clients for nearly 20 years. In fact, we’ve delivered more than $135B in tenders for our clients, with an astonishing success rate of 98.5%.

  • Bid strategy and direction, including facilitating the team to develop a strong and unique bid strategy, developing key messages and identifying competitive differentiation
  • Content development, including analysing the questions, coaching the technical authors, facilitating content reviews, writing, editing, proofing and a speciality in developing CVs for bid teams
  • Project management, including team coordination, quality assurance processes and bid systems
  • Creative direction and graphic design, ranging from developing consortium names, logos, design schemes and production of all tender materials
  • Document construction, including formatting, desktop publishing and production of the final submission.

Usually, clients engage us when they have a specific opportunity that they really need to win. For them, it’s ‘the big one’ – the ‘must win’. But clients also engage us when they want to tackle tenders from a more holistic perspective, by improving their overall tender processes and systems, or by training and coaching their team members to uplift their skills or transform their approach.  Each of these scenarios is outlined below.

Help with specific opportunities – tenders, awards, grants

From strategy to writing, from project management to design or production… we’re proud to have been instrumental in helping hundreds of clients get the edge over their competition across thousands of tenders.

We work with teams of all sizes, shapes and skills. Some of our clients are very well-resourced with high calibre and experienced tender experts, a strong internal bid culture and well-honed bid systems. Other clients are at the other end of the spectrum, with limited resources and processes. Depending on your team needs, we can either provide extra resourcing to fill the gaps or an entire holistic solution.

If you have a tender that you really must win, don’t risk it! Give your team the best chance at winning.

What about award submissions?

Industry awards are powerful endorsements of your expertise and leadership. Where most companies can only claim to be the market leaders or superior to their competitors, a company with an industry award to their name can prove it. Awards deliver immeasurable credibility.

We help companies to identify appropriate awards for their businesses, products, services, operations and projects, and we prepare their award submissions to maximise their success. If you are proud of your work, leading your field and pushing boundaries, let’s get you some kudos.

And grant applications?

Earning a grant is a double win. First and foremost, a grant brings much-needed funds or resources into a business so that it can grow and prosper. Secondly, a grant demonstrates credibility and success. The fact that a formal body has critically assessed your business (or product or service), and decided to support you, lends weight to your position.

We help companies identify potential sources of funding and support, and prepare and submit their applications to maximise the value of their grants.

Improving tender processes and systems

To improve an organisation’s tender success rate, we start with a detailed review and analysis of previous tenders (both successful and unsuccessful) and interview key team members about their tendering approach and processes. We then produce a ‘scorecard’ that outlines areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

We then move on to customising and implementing a new suite of processes and systems to drive the organisation’s tender success. We draw on two dramatically different tender methodologies – our best practice STAR Framework and our pragmatic streamlined Illuminate Model – to work out what suits each organisation best.

At the end of this process, you’ll have a customised formula for tender success including tender processes, precedents and tools to meet your team’s specific needs.

Providing training and coaching to your team

Most clients rely on their sales, business development, account management and/or marketing teams to drive their tenders and sometimes these teams need tender-specific training. We’ve developed a series of workshops that motivate and energise your team with a new approach and new skills. To maximise the effectiveness of the training, every module is customised to your team and your organisation’s tender methodology and full manuals and workbooks are provided. We offer a range of training options, including tailoring half-, full-day and week-long sessions.

Training topics include:

  • Winning Tender Strategies
  • Strategy and Writing
  • Writing Winning Tenders
  • Tender Project Management
  • Project Management & Design
  • Tender Design
  • Executive Summaries.

Whatever your need, Aurora Marketing offers a winning framework and 19 years of experience, to give your tenders the edge. To speak with one of our experts, please call 1300 976 312 or email


“As a firm of solicitors in a new market, it was very important for a significant first impression to be made. With that in mind we approached Aurora Marketing. I was particularly impressed with the professionalism of and capability of the team at Aurora. They produced the result we desired within days. Everyone who sees our letterhead and business cards responds positively, and we are now able to put the issue of our 'first impression' behind us and move on to matters which are equally significant - the provision of quality service.”

Cronin Litigation Derek Cronin - Principal

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