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Every bidder is looking for a way to make their tender stand out for all the right reasons. Every part of your bid needs to be of the highest quality, including your supporting documents.

Having worked on thousands of live tenders across more than 20 years, Aurora Marketing sets the standard for projects sheet and vision documents.

Project sheets: A snapshot of excellence

Our project sheets bring your experience to life. They go beyond telling the evaluators what you can do to actually showcasing your existing success stories. By combining beautiful imagery with professionally written content, we further develop and distinguish your brand. These visually stunning documents are top real estate when it comes to differentiating you from your competition.


Elevate your offering with tender project sheets

Engage evaluators

Capture the evaluators’ attention with visually appealing layouts and striking imagery that demonstrate your capability in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

Showcase your differentiators

Leverage your unique experience by demonstrating your experience. Your portfolio is the secret sauce that none of your competitors can replicate.

Highlight key achievements

Showcase the key achievements of your portfolio, professionally written project sheets turn successes into compelling narratives that resonate with the bid evaluators.

Address criteria

Tailor your project sheets to your bid’s unique needs and evaluation criteria, ensuring that your experience aligns flawlessly with the requirements.

Elevate your proposal

Use your tender project sheets to elevate your bid with well-branded, visually appealing documentation that reinforces the quality and professionalism of your business.

Build a sense of collaboration

Demonstrate your ability to successfully collaborate with potential partners, offering a glimpse into your past successes and contributions in a partnership.


Tender vision documents: Lighting the path to success

You will recognise an Aurora Marketing tender vision document when you see it. Going beyond the industry standard to produce brilliant, unforgettable pieces of bid excellence is where we excel.

Our vision documents include beautiful visuals and detailed narratives that articulate your vision, goals and strategies, providing a guiding roadmap to success.

Vision documents that create a shared journey

Communicate a clear vision in vivid detail: Articulate your tender vision and strategic goals in vivid detail, guiding evaluators through the brilliance of your bid strategy.

Guide bid strategy: Provide a foundational guide for your bid strategy by outlining a clear roadmap and actionable steps to achieve the bid’s objectives.

Inspire confidence through content: Inspire confidence and credibility among evaluators by presenting a thorough and well-structured narrative of your tender vision and proposed approach.

Promote partnering: Attract potential partners and collaborators by showcasing your ability to cohesively support their team, understand their project and meet their objectives – together.

A vision document tells the exciting story of the project coming to life and achieving its objectives. Ask us about bringing your vision to life.

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