The Australian defence sector generates projects that define the future of our nation – and create unmatched tender opportunities.

If you want to win defence contracts, prepare for war

As leaders in the tender services space in Australia, Aurora Marketing understands the battlefield on which defence tenders are fought and won.

To achieve the complex and critical mission of maintaining the safety and security of Australia, the defence industry generates and facilitates some of the country’s most exciting mega projects. These hotly contested opportunities simultaneously support our economy, maintain social and political stability and ensure we are at the forefront of technological advancements in security and defence. Spanning an unparalleled scope across land, sea, air, cyber and space, a defence project can range from long-term programs of work that drive innovation and evolution, to minor projects that make a difference to everyday Australians.

When you are part of the Defence supply chain, the opportunities are boundless.

Fortunately, Defence is keen to be supported by businesses of all sizes right across Australia, including regional and remote areas. Many of the opportunities will not be directly with Defence, but in the supply chains of the ‘prime’ companies that deliver many of the major Defence projects in Australia.

As Australia’s leading tender services business, we have worked on thousands of live tender opportunities for organisations of all sizes and across most sectors. We have made our name by winning some of Australia’s biggest contracts and from working with some of Australia’s best-known blue-chip companies. We’ve helped clients secure more than $160B of work and achieved a phenomenal success rate of 98.5%. We know exactly what it takes to enter the defence industry and how to bid to win in this competitive space.

With unparalleled experience, industry leading tender methodologies, a thorough understanding of ASDEFCON and a highly skilled team of writers, strategists and project managers, we can help you win.

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Defence tenders –

our capability

Bidding is like a competitive sport. When you’re embarking on a must-win tender, you need the support of a high performing tender services team that pushes your bid responses from compliant to compelling. It’s the drive of an experienced and tenacious team that will get you over the line when the going gets tough.

With more than 20 years of experience, thousands of tenders behind us, and cutting-edge methodologies, our team is consistently bid fit. To demonstrate the skill we bring to every bid, we’ve captured our knowledge and expertise in our Defence Sector Capability Statement.

Winning defence tenders

The defence industry is made up of thousands of Australian businesses and people across the country who aren’t in the Defence Force but use their expertise, experience and trade skills to supply and support it. New opportunities arise every day for businesses to become part of the defence supply chain, everything from small enterprises to large multi-national companies. In fact, there are currently over 3,000 Australian businesses already working in the Defence industry.

The impact of this industry and the opportunities it presents is matched only by its extraordinary complexity. To compete for a defence tender, you’ll need specialised knowledge and familiarity with their unique systems to win.

Because of the sheer volume and complexity of defence contracts, they have implemented a standard for all procurement requests, a system known as the Australian Standard for Defence Contracting (ASDEFCON). Navigating this unique process is compulsory when tendering for Defence contracts.

Our bidding experience reflects the full diversity and complexity of the defence sector including:

  • Military vehicles
  • Airforce
  • Naval Ports
  • Land
  • Aircraft
  • Cyber
  • Space
  • Vessels
  • Armoury
  • Technology
  • Bases and estates
  • Maintenance
  • Facilities management
  • Equipment
  • Infrastructure

We help teams navigate the unique process that comes with the hostile territory of a defence tender

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Complexity of the industry

Many Defence projects are incredibly complex. Spanning the breadth of air, sea, land, cyber and even space, while navigating high security requirements, joint command and long-term programs comes with unique challenges. Add to this that Defence is always looking for the most innovative solutions and latest tech, and you begin to understand the intricacies that come with bidding for Defence contracts.

Defence tenders need to avoid technical jargon that make them inaccessible to evaluators

Defence language

Defence has its own language which can be hard to translate. The bid team needs Olympic-level linguistic dexterity to synthesise, translate and communicate complex information to ensure it’s accessible to all without losing its potency.

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Australian Standard for Defence Contracting (ASDEFCON)

ASDEFCON suite of tendering and contracting templates provides a set of proforma documents for use by procurement officers when drafting solicitation documents and contracts for the acquisition of goods and services by Defence. Each ASDEFCON document is tailored to meet a different procurement need and needs to be followed precisely to ensure compliance.

Australian Defence tenders are not always directly with defence but with the industries that support them

Australian Industry Capability

Australian Industry Capability (AIC) – Defence is eager to be supported by businesses of all sizes right across Australia. However, many of the opportunities will not be directly with Defence, but in the supply chains of the ‘prime’ companies that deliver many of the major Defence projects in Australia.


Defence industry security program

High level security requirements mean additional compliance steps. Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) is a risk management and assurance program that ensures companies who work with Defence understand and meet their security obligations when engaging in Defence projects and tenders

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Complex relationships and partnerships

Familiarising yourself with the complex relationships and partnerships within Defence can be a challenge. There are many industry associations for small and medium enterprises doing business in the defence industry in Australia. These include Australian Business Defence Industry, Australian Industry & Defence Network, Australian Industry Group Defence Council and the Defence Teaming Centre.

Quad Charts

Defence Quad Charts are an industry staple. These concise visual documents distil complex information about your defence capabilities into a format that is easy to understand. They’re like a snapshot of your strengths, designed to impress and inform. A sister product to the more detailed capability statement, quad charts provide the opportunity to capture the attention of a potential client by highlighting all your best features in one A4 document.

Trusted by the leaders in defence

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Tendering for Defence delivery partner

Aurora Marketing is the chosen provider to deliver tendering for defence workshops across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

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Get defence ready resources

Defence Ready Essentials

Bidding in the defence industry is a different beast. With unique processes, strict protocols and an ultra competitive landscape, you have to do your homework to be successful in this space. To kickstart your bidding prep, it’s always helpful to have some insider knowledge.

Our top 3 Defence Ready Essentials are exactly what you need to get your business prepared and ready to hit the ground running. Download our guide to learn what it takes to compete for opportunities in the Defence sector.

Defence Bidding Terminology and Style Guide

Many of our clients are keen to engage with Defence organisations and to be part of the supply chain that supports the sector. They approach Aurora Marketing to help them understand the language of Defence to put their best foot forward in their tender submissions.

That’s why we’ve produced a Defence Bidding and Terminology Style Guide. It contains the key terms and affiliated associations every defence bidder should know, including pronunciation and capitalisation. Available by request only.

“The team at Aurora really came through for us with our tender bid. Working with the Aurora team meant we replied in good time, with a strong tender response and with less stress. An excellent service offering from a great team.”

 – Martin De Domenico, McR Defence

A track record of winning landmark defence deals

We’ve worked on literally thousands of live tender opportunities for organisations of all sizes and we’re proud to have contributed to some of Australia’s biggest contracts including:

  • Australian Singapore Military Training Initiative, Greenvale
  • Riverina Redevelopment
  • HMAS Cairns Redevelopment
  • North QLD Mid-term Refresh
  • Major Services Provider Panel
  • Defence Base Services Contract
  • Air 6000 Phase 2A/B New Air Combat Capability
  • SEA 5014 Capability Assurance Program
  • Land400 Phase 2
  • RAAF Base Amberley C-17 Maintenance Facilities
  • Space Branch Support (OPP4204)
  • Market lead proposals
  • Australian Industry Capability plans
  • Plus extensive work with Defence Primes including BAE Systems, Thales, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin to enhance the capability of SMEs in their Global Supply Chain and Australian Industry Capability programs to prepare better proposals.

Support for all budgets

No matter the size of your tender, from modest bids to mega bids, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to your needs. With modulated solutions to fit every business and every budget, we can put together a team of extra resources to fill gaps or an entire holistic solution.

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