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Aurora Marketing boasts an elite team of marketers, writers and designers who provide solutions for business growth. No matter the size of your submission, from modest tenders to mega bids, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to your needs. Our solutions are modular – we can fill gaps in your team with extra resources or provide an entire holistic solution. We can meet every budget for every business.

Bid and tender services


Aurora Marketing is the tender services consultancy that organisations trust to shape, articulate and pitch extraordinary ideas. We specialise in everything tenders, offering a full-service team of professional bid managers, writers, designers and production specialists to deliver our bid-winning methodology. We work with clients within Australia and across borders, offering a modular or full-service bid team to support your growth.



Crafting Winning Bids: A Proven Methodology

Through 20 years of refinement, we have developed the bid-winning formula; a mindset that recognises every tender is a competition, not just a compliance checklist, and a comprehensive tender system of tools, processes and precedents to turn a bid into a perfect pitch.

Strategic Approach to Success

Our strategic approach to delivering client-centric solutions ensures that your bid stands out among the competition. We employ structured content analysis, writing, and review processes to guarantee a world-class submission by the deadline, with fewer headaches.

Guided by Expertise: The Role of the Bid Catalyst

The Bid Catalyst takes charge from the outset, conducting kick-off and strategy workshops to set key milestones and develop strategic messages. By coaching the team on best practice bid methodology and facilitating initiatives workshops, the Catalyst propels the bid towards success. As masters of the pitch, the Bid Catalyst undertakes strategic editing on crucial documents such as the executive summary.



Navigating the Bid Management Maze: Our Expertise Unveiled

The bidding process resembles a marathon through a minefield. Internal teams often find themselves stretched thin, lacking the capacity or expertise to deliver the winning solution and effectively communicate it through polished documents. This intricate landscape demands strong leadership and project management, precisely what our Bid Management team excels in.

Bid Whips: Harnessing Expert Leadership

Bid Whips take the helm, steering your team towards producing the most comprehensive, compelling, and persuasive deliverables. They provide crucial assistance in managing bid milestones, key stakeholders, subject matter experts (SMEs), and authors, while diligently reporting progress to bid leadership.

Bid Coordinators: Orchestrating Harmony Amid Complexity

Bid Coordinators step in to create a structured schedule, fostering teamwork and cohesion among team members. Their expertise lies in consolidating disparate bid elements into one cohesive submission. They meticulously balance team duties and focus on ensuring document readability, presentation, and compliance. From preparing templates to managing the production process, Bid Coordinators streamline every aspect of the bid journey.

Writers and Specialists


Synergy in Action

In the realm of bid management, collaboration reigns supreme. Our writers seamlessly integrate with Technical Writers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), forging a partnership aimed at crafting persuasive and comprehensive content that surpasses client expectations.

Architects of Persuasion

Our writers possess the artistry to transform complex ideas into clear, compelling narratives. They collaborate closely with Technical Writers and SMEs, absorbing insights to develop content that not only addresses client expectations but also optimizes solutions for maximum impact.

Bid Specialists

Bid Specialists embody versatility, combining bid coordination, writing prowess, and production skills. Beyond crafting engaging content, they are adept at coordinating the entire bid process seamlessly. From production to coordination, Bid Specialists ensure every aspect of the bid journey is orchestrated flawlessly.



You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. The production team works with you to prepare Word templates, format documents and assemble the documents from the inception to the submission of the bid. A custom branded tender can create a powerful impact in your client’s mind. They present impeccable final documents ready for upload. This reduces stress and risk of error for you on submission day.

Graphic Design


Our talented graphic design team creates bids that look engaging and polished. They deliver all your graphic design needs – including infographics, covers and vision books – that can transform the impact of the submission.

Our brilliant design team ensures your bid makes the right first impression with evaluators to maximise your score. They create the overall look and feel of the tender, design high-impact documents including executive summaries, vision documents and ‘proposals on a page’, and produce the infographics and diagrams that will take your submission from a basic document to a polished presentation.




Efficiently led the team to provide the best possible outcome. Fantastic even with our engineers. Resilience and dedication were exemplary right to the last minute.

Antonio Da Costa, Alstom

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