As innovators in the tendering space, we know what it takes to win bids in the fast paced, ever evolving technology sector.

Creating an interconnected world

As pioneers of the tender services space in Australia, Aurora Marketing knows what it takes to win bids in the technology (IT) sector.

Modern society is built on a foundation of technology and most excitingly, so is our future. IT allows us to grow businesses through innovation and efficiency, it takes our client bases to a global level, connects communities and increases productivity and profitability simultaneously. IT takes our most ambitious, futuristic and seemingly unachievable ideas and turns them into a reality.

With innovation at its core, the technology industry is also constantly developing and with change comes complexity. Technology bids are intricate in nature with projects needing to offer cutting edge solutions, streamlining, cost reductions and cyber security of the highest level. In this competitive space, it’s not enough to be good, you have to be better than your competitors.

As Australia’s leading tender services business, we have worked on thousands of live tender opportunities for organisations of all sizes and across most sectors. We have made our name by winning some of Australia’s biggest contracts and from working with some of Australia’s best-known blue-chip companies. We’ve helped clients secure more than $160B of work and achieved a phenomenal success rate of 98.5%.

With unparalleled experience, industry leading tender methodologies and a highly skilled team of writers, strategists and project managers, we help you win more tenders.

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Technology tenders –

Our capability

Bidding is like a competitive sport. When you’re embarking on a must-win tender, you need the support of a high performing tender services team that pushes your bid responses from compliant to compelling. It’s the drive of an experienced and tenacious team that will get you over the line when the going gets tough.

Download our capability statement and see our expertise for yourself in more detail.

Winning IT and technology tenders

The IT sector in Australia and across the globe is experiencing rapid growth, making technology bids ever-more competitive. With the development of new technologies driving change across multiple industries, both global tech giants and well-known Australian companies are zealous competitors bidding for IT tenders.

To get the winning edge, you’ll need to bring your A-game. Bidding in this sector requires broad industry knowledge including market research of your competition and emerging technologies; you need to demonstrate that your team can bridge the widening skills gap within the industry through smart and effective ongoing upskilling; and of course, you need to highlight the ever important innovation and security benefits of your proposal.

To help you achieve this, our team partners collaboratively with yours to workshop the project and its nuances, your solution and its differentiators, and the strategy that will not only result in a comprehensive tender response, but a highly polished and competitive pitch.

Our expertise:

  • Infrastructure
  • IT Solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Telecommunications
  • Cybersecurity
  • Software
  • Audits
  • Data Management
  • Bids and tenders
  • Grants
  • Awards
  • Training and coaching
  • Brand and design
  • Marketing and communications
  • Change management
  • Research.

Technology’s unique complexities

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Technical jargon

With so many specialties under one roof, an information technology bid is sometimes at risk of being overloaded by jargon and three letter acronyms (TLAs) . The bid team needs Olympic-level linguistic dexterity to synthesise, translate and communicate complex information to ensure it’s accessible to all without losing its potency.

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Emerging technologies

The rate of development of new and emerging technologies is unparalleled. This adds a new dimension of difficulty to tech tender writing. Knowledge of emerging technologies may be limited. Therefore, it’s paramount to have your best subject matter experts involved in the tendering process.

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New skill development

A significant skill gap currently exists within the IT sector. This gap continues to widen at an exponential pace due the rapid rate of digital transformations. Keeping a strong focus on technical training within your team is the secret to success.

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Strong security focus

Adapting to a remote working world has seen a rise in cybersecurity measures. The challenges of cybersecurity are ever-changing as new technologies emerge and disrupt the environment for secure networks. To be successful, tenderers need to demonstrate their commitment to an organisation’s data security and privacy .

Technology tenders often push for innovation

Drive to innovate

IT projects are often visionary in nature – pushing the boundaries to deliver better outcomes and striving for new horizons in connectivity, innovation or performance. Bid teams need to be able to inspire and energise teams to imagine and differentiate smarter solutions.

Technology tenders often include gender diversity targets

Gender diversity

Gender diversity in the technology sector continues to lag behind comparable industries. Firms with higher levels of gender diversity have been shown to be more productive and innovative. Addressing the gender gap within your tender team can lead to bid winning outcomes through the ability to produce stronger and more innovative solutions.

Support for all budgets

No matter the size of your tender, from modest bids to mega bids, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to your needs. With modulated solutions to fit every business and every budget, we can put together a team of extra resources to fill gaps or an entire holistic solution.

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Thank you to the Aurora team for your combined efforts on this. Your professional approach, communication, and dedication to achieve a high-quality end result are appreciated and I look forward to working with Aurora again in the future

Aizaz Syed, Aerologix

A track record of winning landmark technology tenders

We’ve worked on literally thousands of live tender opportunities for organisations of all sizes and we’re proud to have contributed to some of Australia’s biggest contracts. Our growing portfolio of IT submissions include:

  • NBN Fixed Wireless Network
  • Queensland Traffic Monitoring
  • Transurban Citylink
  • Midland M6 Toll Expressway Ltd UK
  • Managed Service Providers
  • Online Client Portals
  • Communications Contracts.
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