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As an industry built on collaboration, professional services tenders are won through seamless partnerships.

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Aurora Marketing is deeply and passionately engaged in the professional services sector, after all, we work in this space too.

With dynamic diversity at its core, the professional services industry is the stepping stone to collaborative success. By harnessing the diverse expertise offered by this sector, companies reduce the burden on their own resources and unlock the potential for increased profitability and streamlined operations.

In Australia, the market size of the professional services industry has increased at a greater rate than its primary sector overall. The redemption of business operations and a change in perception of handling new workloads following the impact of an economic downturn, has caused professional services to become the most sought-after external implementation for organisations. And with demand comes competition.

As Australia’s leading tender services business, we have worked on thousands of live tender opportunities for organisations of all sizes and across most sectors. We have made our name by winning some of Australia’s biggest contracts and from working with some of Australia’s best-known blue-chip companies. We’ve helped clients secure more than $160B of work and achieved a phenomenal success rate of 98.5%.

With unparalleled experience, industry leading tender methodologies and a highly skilled team of writers, strategists and project managers, we help you win more tenders.

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Professional services tenders –
Our capability

Bidding is like a competitive sport. When you’re embarking on a must win tender, you need the support of a high performing tender services team that pushes your bid responses from compliant to compelling. It’s the drive of an experienced and tenacious team that will get you over the line when the going gets tough.

Download our professional services capability statement and see our expertise for yourself in more detail.

Winning professional services tenders

With incredible growth in the professional services sector in Australia, New Zealand and globally, the bidding world is always evolving and ever competitive. Combining this with the economic complexities of recent years, many professional services have implemented new processes and technological advancements to modify business strategies to meet the rapidly changing market.

Client expectations of service standards are also transforming, with success factors becoming heavily reliant on the ability to tailor responses to bids that reflect the client’s individuality, speak to their people, and meet their professional values. All of this while needing to set yourself apart from competitors that offer specialised and international experience.

To help you achieve this, our team partners collaboratively with yours to go deep and develop a highly polished proposal that propels your pitch, highlights your skill and cements your reputation as an industry leader.

Our bidding experience reflects the full diversity and complexity of the professional services sector including:

  • Legal services
  • IT solutions
  • Human resources
  • Change management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Insurance
  • Audits
  • Governance
  • Recruitment
  • Property
  • Science and environment
  • Research
  • Engineering
  • Management consulting
  • Finance.

We understand how to navigate the challenges that come with
professional services tenders

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Communicating shared values

Evaluators want to engage firms that align with their values and complement their team. They need to be confident that a partnership will prove to be an effective and beneficial meeting of minds. To convey synergy, bid teams need to identify and skilfully communicate shared values, attitudes and ethics throughout the bid.

Professional Services tenders need to make meaningful comparisons

Meaningful comparisons

Time in business, specialisation, size of team, annual turnover, number of clients – how do you measure the worth of each firm? And how do you accurately compare several firms to choose which is the best fit for a bid opportunity? Bids need to be packed with meaningful value metrics to ensure that evaluators are comparing apples with apples.

Professional Services tenders need to avoid the overuse of technical jargon

Technical jargon

Due to focused areas of specialisation, a professional services bid is sometimes at risk of being overloaded by niche technical jargon and TLAs (three letter acronyms). The bid team needs Olympic-level linguistic dexterity to synthesise, translate and communicate complex information to ensure it’s accessible to all, without losing its potency.

Professional Service tenders need to differentiate the firm

Differentiating the firm

Professional services firms need to demonstrate their credibility, professionalism, expertise, and experience in a clear and compelling manner. Key win themes such as depth of experience or specialisation need to be balanced between what individuals offer and what value the firm itself represents. Bid teams need to convey your unique value proposition.

Professional Services tenders need to showcase the talent within their teams

Showcasing talent

Many professional services projects put a blazing spotlight on the human aspect of a bid. Your success can come down to your team members, their expertise, level of experience and the leadership team that will drive the project. Showcasing your talent in a way that is not boastful but still cuts through to the evaluator takes finesse.

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Relentless pressure on price

Professional services projects are faced with relentless pressure to provide more value at a lower cost. Evaluators are seeking fresh solutions that improve productivity, drive whole-of-life value and deliver impactful outcomes, all the while expecting competitive rates and free add-ons. Bid teams need to address the emphasis on price with creative packaging and value based messaging.

Support for all budgets

No matter the size of your tender, from modest bids to mega bids, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to your needs. With modulated solutions to fit every business and every budget, we can put together a team of extra resources to fill gaps or an entire holistic solution.

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The team at Aurora Marketing really came through for us with our tender bid. They were well organised and energised for our bid and business success from the start, helpfully managing our bid and assisting greatly in allowing us to put our best foot forward.

Martin De Domenico, McR Defence

A track record of winning landmark professional services tenders

Some of our biggest and most exciting professional services contracts both in Australia and abroad include:

  • Defence Major Services Provider Panel
  • Defence Infrastructure Panel
  • Defence MSS Panel
  • Defence PMCA Panel
  • Property Acquisition & Disposal Services
  • Consulting services
  • Legal services
  • Audit services
  • Advisory panels
  • Recruitment services.
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