Bid Talk Kit

Helping bid teams prepare their best ever submissions.

Talk it up

We ask a lot of questions at Aurora Marketing. It’s central to our bid-winning methodology that helps take ordinary bids to bids that are compelling and persuasive and memorable. Bids that win.

That’s why we created Bid Talk Kits, to help our clients prepare their best ever submissions. Each kit includes almost 100 questions to stimulate discussion and unleash big ideas in a collaborative and ‘fun’ way.

What our clients say

‘This is the single best piece of marketing I’ve ever received!’

‘Well thought out and presented. And nice to have something to hold rather than being online.’

‘Aurora knows what it takes to win tenders and large contracts. These cards have been well used in my team.’

One of the most talked about marketing strategies of 2022

Bid Talk is a clever initiative that differentiated Aurora Marketing from their competitors and also delivered their clients a valuable resource to help build their business.

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Marketing award national
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A good solution to retain and grow client revenue in a complex and ever-digitising B2B world.

Australian Marketing Institute Judge’s comment

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