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At Aurora Marketing, we recognise that a well-crafted CV is a cornerstone of successful tender submissions. Your CVs are not just documents; they are a powerful representation of your team’s expertise. An effective CV will highlight the capability of your team by building confidence in their ability to deliver the project and by humanising your bid.

Our Behind Closed Doors research shows that evaluators are motivated to work with bidders that they believe can successfully partner with, making the human portion of your bid a potential make or break factor.

Winning attitude

The role of CVs in tender success

Building trust and credibility

In the competitive world of tenders, credibility is everything. Your CVs provide an in-depth insight into the experience, qualifications and skills of your team. Across private and government tenders, it is incredibly important to demonstrate that your team has the edge over your competition. Here’s what a professionally written tender CV can achieve:

Establish trust: A well-structured CV showcases the qualifications and experiences of your team, instilling confidence in potential clients and evaluators.

Highlight expertise: Clearly presented skills and achievements demonstrate your team’s proficiency and ability to deliver on the tender requirements.

Address evaluation criteria: CVs allow you to align the qualifications of your team with the specific evaluation criteria outlined in the tender, increasing your chances of a successful bid.

Our tender CV writing services

Tailoring your team’s expertise

As leaders in the field of tender services, we excel at transforming ordinary CVs into persuasive, tailored documents that give your tenders a competitive edge. Here’s how we can enhance your CVs:

Our unique writing methodology: We use the same 8 layer writing methodology our tenders are renowned for when crafting your CVs.

Matching LinkedIn profiles: We offer extended services to update and enhance your staff LinkedIn profiles so they complement and verify your tender CVs.

Customisation: We tailor each CV to match the unique requirements of the tender, showcasing the most relevant qualifications and experience.

Formatting excellence: Our production and graphic design experts ensure that your CVs are professionally formatted, making them visually appealing and easy to navigate for the evaluator.

Content optimisation: We collaborate with your team to enhance the content, emphasising the achievements, certifications and expertise that align with the tender’s needs.

Quality assurance: Our team conducts thorough quality checks to ensure each CV is polished, error-free and aligned with industry standards.

Stand out from the rest

By partnering with Aurora Marketing to write your tender CVs, you unlock a range of benefits that directly impact the success of your tender submissions.

Enhanced professionalism

Present your team’s credentials in a professional and consistent manner, reflecting your commitment to quality.

Increased competitiveness

Differentiate your bids with persuasive CVs that highlight the expertise of your team and demonstrate a competitive advantage.

Time and resource savings

Let our experts handle the CV optimisation process, allowing your team to focus on other critical aspects of the tender submission.


You can be confident that the CVs you are submitting are not only compliant and aligned to the goals of the tender but that they are consistent with industry best practices.

Improved win rates

Impress evaluators and decision-makers with impeccably crafted CVs, improving your overall tender success rates

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